You can manage categories for Citrix-published resources from the Workspace ONE Access console and from your Citrix deployment.

Workspace ONE Access does not support the following settings for categories:
  • Nested categories
  • Tags
  • Citrix Filtering when it is set in StoreFront

In your Citrix deployment, you give a Citrix-published application or desktop a category name by editing the Client application folder text box in the resource's properties. When you integrate your Citrix deployment with Workspace ONE Access, existing category names for Citrix-published applications and desktops are carried over to Workspace ONE Access.

After the integration, you can continue to create categories in your Citrix deployment. If you enabled the Sync categories from server farms option for the virtual apps collection, the new categories appear in Workspace ONE Access at the next sync. When you update a category name in your Citrix deployment, the updated category name appears in Workspace ONE Access at the next sync.

You can also create categories directly in Workspace ONE Access. You create, assign, and view categories from the Resources > Virtual Apps page in the Workspace ONE Access console.

When you create a category in Workspace ONE Access, the category does not appear in your Citrix deployment.