You can configure Horizon and Workspace ONE Access to provide users the ability to reset an unresponsive Horizon desktop from the Workspace ONE catalog.

You configure this setting in Horizon Administrator, not in the Workspace ONE Access console. The configuration applies to both Horizon and Workspace ONE Access. In the Workspace ONE Access console, you can view whether a specific desktop is resettable or not.

The option to reset desktops from Workspace ONE is available in Workspace ONE Access 3.2 and Connector 2018.1.1.0, and later versions. Ensure that all connectors are version 2018.1.1.0 or later, otherwise the Reset command does not appear. The option is supported for:

  • Horizon 7.x or later pods
  • Dedicated and floating Horizon desktops


  • Configure Horizon to allow users to reset their desktops. See the documentation for Horizon 7 or Horizon 6.
  • Ensure that you are using Workspace ONE Access 3.2 or later and Connector 2018.1.1.0 or later. All connectors must be version 2018.1.1.0 or later.
  • For Horizon desktops to be resettable by users, the client access FQDNs for the respective pods must have trusted certificates. If the URLs have root-signed or self-signed certificates, configure Workspace ONE Access to trust those certificates. See VMware Workspace ONE Access Installation and Configuration for information about adding a root certificate.


  • (Optional) Verify that Workspace ONE Access lists the desktop as resettable by users.
    1. In the Workspace ONE Access console, select the Catalog > Virtual Apps tab.
    2. (Optional) Click the icon in the Type column heading and search for the desktop by name or select Horizon Desktop to view all Horizon desktops.
    3. Click the desktop.
    4. In the Definition section of the page, verify that the Reset Allowed setting is set to Enabled.
      If it is set to Disabled, Horizon is not configured to allow users to reset the desktop.

What to do next

If a Horizon desktop becomes unresponsive, administrators or users can reset the desktop by using the Reset command.