In the Workspace ONE Access console, you can view user and group assignments for Horizon desktop and application pools. These assignments are set in Horizon and synced to Workspace ONE Access. You cannot edit the assignments from Workspace ONE Access.


  • To see the latest updates, manually sync resources and assignments from the Horizon Connection Server instances to Workspace ONE Access from the Resources > Virtual Apps Collections page.


  1. Log in to the Workspace ONE Access console.
  2. View user and group assignments for Horizon desktop and application pools.
    Option Action
    List users and groups assigned to a specific Horizon desktop or application pool
    1. Select Resources > Virtual Apps.
    2. (Optional) Click the icon in the Type column heading and search for the pool by name or select Horizon Desktop or Horizon Application to view all Horizon desktop or application pools.
    3. Click the desktop or application.
    4. Click View Assignments.
    All users and groups to whom the application is assigned are listed.
    List Horizon desktop and application pools assignments for a specific user or group
    1. Go to the Accounts > Users page to view assignments for a user or the Accounts > User Groups page to view assignments for a group.
    2. Click the name of an individual user or group.
    3. Select the Applications tab.

    All assignments, including Horizon desktop and application pool assignments, for the user or group are listed. You can sort the applications by type.