You can edit all virtual apps collections, for all types of integrations, from the Virtual Apps Collections page in the Workspace ONE Access console. You can modify both configuration settings and sync settings from this page.


  • Required administrator roles:
    • To create, edit, or delete Horizon, Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure with Single-Pod Broker or Horizon Cloud Service on IBM Cloud, or Citrix virtual apps collections, use any role that can perform the Manage Desktop Apps action in the Catalog service.
    • To create, edit, or delete ThinApp collections, use any role that can perform the Manage ThinApp action in the Catalog service.


  1. In the Workspace ONE Access console, select Resources > Virtual Apps Collections.
  2. Select the virtual apps collection to edit and click Edit.
  3. In the Edit Virtual Apps Collection wizard, edit the virtual apps collection and save your changes.
    You can change the following settings:
    • The name of the virtual apps collection
    • The connectors used to sync the collection
    • The source server or path, and related settings
    • Sync settings such as the sync frequency or sync safeguards
    • Deployment type
    • Other settings, as applicable to the type of integration
    Note: In a Horizon virtual apps collection, you cannot modify the FQDN of a Horizon pod that was previously added. Remove the pod from the collection and add it again.

What to do next

As a best practice, sync the virtual apps collection after editing it. Go to the Resources > Virtual Apps Collections page, select the collection, and select Sync > Sync with safeguards or Sync > Sync without safeguards.