Updating a ThinApp package that is already managed by Workspace ONE Access and in your organization's catalog involves multiple steps. The updated ThinApp package might be provided to you by another group in your organization. To ensure that Workspace ONE Access can automatically use the updated package in place of the existing one for the entitled users, you must ensure the updated package was created using the same AppID as the current package, has a VersionID value that is higher than the existing package's VersionID value, and is enabled for management by Workspace ONE Access.


Verify that you have access to the location where your managed ThinApp packages reside and can create subfolders at that location.

What to do next

Your Workspace ONE Access catalog displays the new version of the updated ThinApp package after the next ThinApp package sync. If you want to see the new version reflected in the ThinApp package's resources page, you can manually sync using the Packaged Apps - ThinApp page of the Workspace ONE Access console.