You can integrate Web apps and Virtual Apps with VMware Workspace ONE® Access™ (formerly known as VMware Identity Manager™) to make these apps and desktops available to end users in the VMware Workspace ONE® Intelligent Hub app and portal. Workspace ONE Access provides multi-factor authentication, conditional access, and single sign-on to the apps.

You can integrate the following types of resources with Workspace ONE Access:

Except for Web applications, each resource type requires you to integrate Workspace ONE Access with another product or component.

You integrate these resources from the Resources tab in the Workspace ONE Access console.

  • To integrate Web applications, you use the Resources > Web Apps page.

  • To integrate and manage Horizon desktops and applications, Citrix-published resources, or ThinApp packaged applications, you use the Resources > Virtual Apps Collections and Resources > Virtual Apps pages.

    You configure the integrations in the Resources > Virtual Apps Collections page.


    You view the synced resources in the Resources > Virtual Apps page.

  • To integrate with the Horizon Cloud Service, you either configure the integration from the Horizon Cloud console or configure virtual apps collections in Workspace ONE Access, based on the type of Horizon Cloud environment that you have.

You can manage settings for integrated resources from the following pages.

  • Settings for Web applications are available from the Settings button on the Resources > Web Apps page.

  • Settings for Horizon, Horizon Cloud, ThinApp, and Citrix-published resources are available from the Settings button on the Resources > Virtual Apps tab.

  • Launcher preference settings for virtual apps are available on the Resources > Global Launcher Preferences page.

  • Global settings for the Intelligent Hub app catalog are available from the Integrations > Hub Configuration pages.

  • You can also manage settings for individual applications by clicking the application in the Resources > Web Apps or Resources > Virtual Apps page and clicking Edit.

Functionality Discontinued for Legacy Connectors

VMware Identity Manager Connector reached the end of extended support on August 31, 2022. All functionality related to and earlier connectors is now discontinued in Workspace ONE Access.

About this Publication

This publication is based on the latest available version of the Workspace ONE Access connector.