When VMware Verify authentication is required for two-factor authentication in Workspace ONE Access, users install and use the VMware Verify app to register their device.

Note: The VMware Verify authentication method will not be an available option in Workspace ONE Access after October 31, 2022. Consider using the Verify (Intelligent Hub) authentication method for two-factor authentication in Workspace ONE Access. To learn more about the Verify authentication method, see Configuring Verify (Intelligent Hub) Authentication in Workspace ONE Access (Cloud Only).
Note: Verify (Intelligent Hub) authentication is not currently available for Workspace ONE Access on-premises deployments.
Note: The VMware Verify application can be downloaded from the app stores.

When VMware Verify two-factor authentication is enabled, the first time users sign into the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app, users are asked to enter their user name and password. When the user name and password are verified, users are prompted to enter their device phone number to enroll in VMware Verify.

When they click Enroll, the device phone number is registered with VMware Verify, and if they have not downloaded the application, they are asked to download the VMware Verify application.

When the application is installed, users are asked to enter the same phone number that was entered before and to select a notification method to receive a one-time registration code. The registration code is entered on the registration pin page.

After the device phone number is registered, users can use a time-based one-time passcode displayed in the VMware Verify application to sign into Workspace ONE. The passcode is a unique number that is generated on the device and is constantly changing.

Users can register more than one device. The VMware Verify passcode is automatically synchronized to each of the registered devices.