When the RSA SecurID authentication method is used, Workspace ONE Access is configured as the authentication agent in the RSA SecurID security console. RSA SecurID authentication requires users to use a token-based authentication system. RSA SecurID is a recommended authentication method for users accessing Workspace ONE Access from outside the enterprise network..

You configure the User Auth service in the Workspace ONE Access connector to use the connector-based RSA SecurID (cloud deployment) authentication method

When you configure SecurID to provide additional security, you must ensure that your network is properly configured for your Workspace ONE Access deployment. For SecurID specifically, you must ensure that the appropriate port is open to enable SecurID to authenticate users outside your network.

After you install the Directory Sync service and configure your Active Directory connection, you have the information necessary to prepare the RSA Authentication Manager server (the RSA SecurID server). After the RSA Authentication Manager server is prepared, you set up the SecurID authentication method in the Workspace ONE Access console Connector Authentication Methods page.