Workspace ONE Access connector-based authentication methods include Password (cloud deployment), RSA SecurID (cloud deployment), RADIUS (cloud deployment), and Kerberos authentication methods.

Authentication Methods Description

Password (cloud deployment)

For password (cloud) authentication, users are synced from your enterprise directory and are authenticated directly against your enterprise directory.

You can select the option to set up password authentication when you configure the directory. You can also set up password authentication later from the Connector Authentication Methods page in the Workspace ONE Access console.

RSA SecurID (cloud deployment) To use the RSA SecurID (cloud deployment) authentication method with Workspace ONE Access, the Workspace ONE Access server is configured as the authentication agent in the RSA SecurID server. RSA SecurID authentication requires users to use a token-based authentication system. RSA SecurID is an authentication method for users accessing Workspace ONE Access from outside the enterprise network.

RADIUS (cloud deployment)

RADIUS (cloud deployment) authentication provides two-factor authentication options. You set up a RADIUS server that is accessible to the User Auth service on the connector. When users sign in with their user name and passcode, an access request is submitted to the RADIUS server for authentication.
Kerberos Auth Kerberos authentication provides users who are successfully signed in to their Active Directory domain, access to their apps portal without additional prompts for their credentials. Kerberos authentication uses Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA).

To use the connector-based authentication methods, you install a Workspace ONE Access connector on a Windows Server and install the User Auth service and the Kerberos Auth service. You can install these auth services on one connector or they can be installed on separate connectors. To determine if more than one connector is required, review the sizing requirements in the latest Workspace ONE Access Connector Installation guide.

In the Workspace ONE Access console Integrations > Connector Authentication Methods page, you can add new, edit, and delete these authentication methods.

The Connector Authentication Methods page lists the configured authentication methods. You can select an authentication method to edit or delete.

The Workspace ONE Access service manages the user authentication methods.