The Workspace ONE Access service provides cloud-based authentication methods that you enable and configure from the console.

Cloud-based authentication methods that do not require a connector.

  • Authenticator App (TOTP)
  • Certificate Cloud Deployment
  • Device Compliance with Workspace ONE UEM
  • Duo Security (Cloud only)
  • FIDO2 Authentication (Cloud only)
  • Mobile SSO for Android
  • Mobile SSO for Apple (Cloud only)
  • Mobile SSO for iOS
  • Okta Custom Login Screen
  • Password Local Directory
  • Password with Workspace ONE UEM
  • Shift-based authorization (Cloud only)
  • Token Auth Adapter (Cloud only)
  • UEM Token (Cloud only)
  • Verify (Intelligent Hub) (Cloud only)
  • Risk Score Based Authentication (Cloud only)
  • Workspace ONE UEM External Access Token

You configure the cloud-based authentication methods in the Workspace ONE Access console Integrations > Authentication Methods page. After the authentication method is configured, you associate the authentication method to a Workspace ONE Access built-in identity provider Integrations > Identity Providers page and create access policy rules to apply to the authentication method in the Resources > Policies page.