You can set the log level to DEBUG for the User Auth service on the Workspace ONE Access connector to help you debug problems.

Do not make entries under the <Loggers> tag. This tag contains <Root> and <AppenderRef> tags such as <Root level="INFO"> and <AppenderRef ref="syslog"/>.


  1. On the windows server on which Workspace ONE Access connector is installed, go to the \VMware\Workspace ONE Access\User Auth Service\conf directory.
  2. To update the log level in the log4j2-override.xml file in the installation directory, select the module to be debugged and modify the request as <Logger name="com.vmware.vidm.eas.adapters.[modulename]" level=“DEBUG”/>.
    SI Number Module to be Debugged Logger Modification
    1 Adapters Common <Logger name="com.vmware.vidm.eas.adapters.common" level=“DEBUG”/>
    2 Auth-Adapter: Password <Logger name="com.vmware.vidm.eas.adapters" level=“DEBUG”/>
    3 Auth-Adapter: Radius <Logger name="com.vmware.vidm.eas.adapters.radius" level=“DEBUG”/>
    4 Auth-Adapter: Secur-id <Logger name="com.vmware.vidm.eas.adapters.securid" level=“DEBUG”/>
    5 Comm-Channel-Client (MessgeProcessorV2) <Logger name="com.vmware.vidm.enterprise.sockjs.v2.client" level=“DEBUG”/>
    6 Comm-Channel-Client (setup)

    Note this requires a restart.

    <Logger name="" level=“DEBUG”/>

    Comm-Channel Client (MessageProcessorV2) handles all the request received by the User Auth Service Use the logger if debugging a particular request is required.

    Comm-Channel-Client (setup) is used when the User Auth service starts up. Use this logger if Comm-Channel is not starting up or unexpected behavior is noticed. For example, if the Message Size capacity is expected to be something else.