The User Auth service is a component of the Workspace ONE Access connector that includes Password (cloud deployment), RSA SecurID (cloud deployment), and RADIUS (cloud deployment) authentication methods. To help you debug problems with these authentication methods, you can set the log level to DEBUG for the User Auth service on the Workspace ONE Access connector .

Do not make entries under the <Loggers> tag. This tag contains <Root> and <AppenderRef> tags such as <Root level="INFO"> and <AppenderRef ref="syslog"/>.


  1. Go to the \VMware\Workspace ONE Access\User Auth Service\conf directory, on the windows server on which Workspace ONE Access connector is installed.
  2. To update the log level in the log4j2-override.xml file in the installation directory, select the module to be debugged and modify the request as <Logger name="com.vmware.vidm.eas.adapters.[modulename]" level=“DEBUG”/>.
    SI Number Module to be Debugged Logger Modification
    1 Adapters Common <Logger name="com.vmware.vidm.eas.adapters.common" level=“DEBUG”/>
    2 Auth-Adapter: Password <Logger name="com.vmware.vidm.eas.adapters" level=“DEBUG”/>
    3 Auth-Adapter: Radius <Logger name="com.vmware.vidm.eas.adapters.radius" level=“DEBUG”/>
    4 Auth-Adapter: Secur-id <Logger name="com.vmware.vidm.eas.adapters.securid" level=“DEBUG”/>
    5 Comm-Channel-Client (MessgeProcessorV2) <Logger name="com.vmware.vidm.enterprise.sockjs.v2.client" level=“DEBUG”/>
    6 Comm-Channel-Client (setup)

    This module requires a restart.

    <Logger name="" level=“DEBUG”/>

    Comm-Channel Client (MessageProcessorV2) handles all the request received by the User Auth Service Use the logger if debugging a particular request is required.

    Comm-Channel-Client (setup) is used when the User Auth service starts up. Use this logger if Comm-Channel is not starting up or unexpected behavior is noticed. For example, if the Message Size capacity is expected to be something else.