The Workspace ONE Access identity providers are configured to manage who can authenticate and what authentication methods are used to provide single sign-on to access Workspace ONE resources.

In the Workspace ONE Access service, the identity provider offers user authentication as a service. The identity provider authenticates the user and provides an authentication token to the service provider.

When you configure the identity provider settings, you connect the directory user store, authentication method, and the network ranges together.

Three types of identity providers can be configured.

  • Workspace IDP to support the Active Directory Kerberos authentication method.
  • Built-In IDP to support User Auth service authentication methods and the Workspace ONE Access service cloud-based authentication methods.
  • Third-Party identity provider. SAML IDP and OpenID Connect IDP are the third-party identity providers supported in the Workspace ONE Access service.

Authentication methods are configured in the Workspace ONE Access console Integrations section.