Before you install the Workspace ONE Access connector, complete the prerequisites that apply to your installation scenario.

  • Verify that your Windows server meets the requirements listed in Workspace ONE Access Connector 20.01 Systems Requirements.
  • If you are installing the Kerberos Auth service:
    • Join the Windows server to the Active Directory domain.
    • Perform the connector installation as a domain user that is also part of the administrator group on the Windows server on which you are installing.
    • During installation, specify the domain user account to use to run the Kerberos Auth service.
  • (Kerberos Auth service only) For the installer to be able to browse to and validate domains and users during installation:
    • The Windows server must be domain joined.
    • The Computer Browser service might need to be enabled and running to browse domains.
    • NetBIOS over TCP/IP must be enabled.
    • A master browser system should be configured on the network.
    • Broadcast traffic should be enabled on the network.
  • If you plan to configure proxy server settings, you need the proxy server host name or IP address, port, and, if the proxy server requires authentication, a user name and password.
  • If you plan to configure a syslog server, you need the syslog server's fully-qualified domain name or IP address, and port.

    You can set up any of the standard syslog servers available. The connector must be able to reach the syslog server on the configured port, for example, 514 (UDP).

  • A trusted SSL certificate is required for the Kerberos Auth service only. The certificate can be uploaded during installation or later. See Uploading an SSL Certificate for the Workspace ONE Access Connector (Kerberos Auth Service Only) for requirements.