You can view and update the list of domains that sync from your enterprise directory to your Workspace ONE Access directory from the directory's Sync Settings > Domains tab. You can only update the list of domains for directories of type Active Directory over Integrated Windows Authentication. Selected domains for directories of type LDAP, or Active Directory over LDAP, cannot be changed.

Tip: Select trusted domains one by one instead of selecting all the domains at once. This ensures that domain save is not a long-running operation that can potentially time out. Selecting domains sequentially ensures that the Directory Sync service spends time trying to resolve a single domain only.
Note: For Active Directory over LDAP directories that have the Global Catalog option selected, the Domains tab does not appear.


  1. In the Workspace ONE Access console, select Integrations > Directories.
  2. Click the directory.
  3. Click Sync Settings, then select the Domains tab.
    The list of domains that are currently selected for the directory appears.
  4. Click the refresh icon next to Fetch all domains to see the list of selected and available domains.
    When you click the refresh icon, the Directory Sync service connects to the Active Directory server and retrieves the latest list of domains.
  5. Select the domains you want to sync to the Workspace ONE Access directory.
    Make sure that at least one domain is selected.
  6. Click Save.