After you convert the Other directory to Active Directory over LDAP or Active Directory over Integrated Windows Authentication and associate it with the Workspace ONE Access Directory Sync service, the Directory Sync service is used to sync users and groups from your enterprise directory to the converted directory. You must stop user and group sync from Workspace ONE UEM to the Workspace ONE Access directory.


  1. In the Workspace ONE UEM console, navigate to your Organization Group.
  2. Navigate to the Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > Workspace ONE Access > Configuration page.
  3. Click the Delete button at the bottom of the page.


The directory conversion is complete. Users and groups are now synced from your enterprise directory to the Workspace ONE Access service by the Directory Sync service. Users can continue to log in and access their applications.
Note: The domain name displayed on the login page may be different after the directory is converted if the domain name is different from the domain NETBIOS name. With Workspace ONE UEM sync, the domain NETBIOS name is displayed. With Workspace ONE Access connector sync, the domain name is displayed.