When you want to sync updates from your enterprise directory to your Workspace ONE Access directory immediately, you can start the sync process manually. Directories that do not have a sync schedule set must always be synced manually.


  1. Select the Identity & Access Management > Manage > Directories tab.
  2. Click the directory you want to sync.
  3. On the left of the page, click Sync and select Sync with Safeguards or Sync without Safeguards.
    The Sync with Safeguards option enforces the safeguard limits that are set on the Sync Settings > Safeguards page and will fail if the changes exceed the limits. Sync without Safeguards ignores the safeguards limits.


The sync process starts in the background. If a large number of users and groups are synced, the process can take a while to finish. You can continue using the console in the meantime. To view the sync progress, click the Refresh link that replaces the Sync button while sync is in progress.

What to do next

After the sync process is complete, you can view the sync status in the Sync Log tab. See Viewing Directory Sync Status in Workspace ONE Access for more information.