You can create a simple administrator role in Workspace ONE Access to manage password resets for specific domains.


  1. In the Workspace ONE Access console Accounts > Roles page, click Add. Create a descriptive role name and describe the purpose of the role. Click Next.

    Screenshot of the Add Role page
  2. In the Configuration page, select the User and Groups service. For Actions, select Reset Password. For Resources, select Some. For Conditions, select the local domain and enter the local directory name in the search box to select the local directory. Save the configuration.

    Screenshot of the Edit Role page showing the Administrator to Reset Local Passwords role
  3. Select the role you created and click Assign. In the Search text box, enter the user or user group name. Select the user or group and click Save.

    Screenshot of the Assign Role page showing the Office 365 Administrator role
    The users or group is now the administrator for this role. The profile page is updated to show the assigned administrator role.