The Workspace ONE Access System Diagnostics Dashboard displays a detailed overview of the health of the Workspace ONE Access appliances in your environment and information about the services. You can see the overall health across the Workspace ONE Access database server, and the services available on each appliance.

From the System Diagnostics Dashboard, you can select the appliance that you want to monitor and see the status of the services on that appliance, including the version of Workspace ONE Access that is installed. If the database or an appliance is having problems, the header bar displays the appliance's status in red. To see the problems, select the appliance that is shown in red.

You can monitor and manage the configuration settings for each Workspace ONE Access appliance from the System Diagnostics Dashboard page. Click VA Configuration under the appliance name to be directed to the configuration pages to install certificates, manage appliance passwords, and download log files. You can also update the database, change the Workspace ONE Access FQDN, and configure an external syslog server.

Information for each service loads independently. The date and time that the data was last updated is shown for each service. You can refresh each section for updated information.

Service being Monitored Description
Disk Space Disk space utilization information is displayed by disk partition for /db, /var, /opt/vmware, and /horizon.
Port Connectivity The port connectivity for each node in the cluster is displayed.
User Password Expiration The expiration dates for the Workspace ONE Access appliance root and remote login passwords are displayed. If a password expires, go to the Settings page and select VA Configurations. Open the System Security page to change the password.
Configurator - Application Deployment Status The Web Server Status shows whether the Appliance Configurator page can be accessed. The appliance version shows the version of the Workspace ONE Access appliance that is installed.
Integrated Components The Workspace ONE Access database connection, audit services, analytics connection information, Elasticsearch health, and Elasticsearch configuration details are displayed.
Certificates The certificate issuer, subject, start date, and end date are displayed. To manage the certificate, go to the Appliance Settings page and select VA Configurations. Open the Install SSL Certificate page.
ACS Health - Application Deployment Status
File Permissions Check The permission level granted for the following files is displayed.
  • /etc/krb5.conf file owner
  • /etc/krb5.conf file group
  • /etc/krb5.conf file permissions
  • /usr/local/horizon/conf/idm-cacerts file owner
  • /usr/local/horizon/conf/idm-cacerts file group
  • /usr/local/horizon/conf/idm-cacerts file permissions
Application Manager - Application Deployment Status The Workspace ONE Access Web Application connection status is displayed.
Workspace ONE UEM API Server Status
Workspace ONE Access FQDN