You design and set up how employees use Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to access, discover, and connect with a company's corporate resources, teams, and work flows from the Hub Services console. Users use the Workspace ONE® Intelligent Hub app or the Intelligent Hub portal in a web browser to access these resources.

You navigate to the Hub Services console from the Integrations > Hub Configuration page in the Workspace ONE Access console.

The table shows the features available for cloud and on-premise deployments.

Table 1. Hub Features for Workspace ONE Access Cloud and On-premise Deployments
Hub Feature Availability for Cloud Deployments Availability for On-premises Deployments
Hub Catalog Yes Yes
Notifications Yes Yes*

*Workspace ONE mobile flow is not available for on premises deployments.

People Search Yes Yes
Employee Self-Service support Yes Yes
Custom Tab Yes Yes
Branding Yes Yes
Templates Yes Yes
Digital Badge Yes No
New Hire Welcome Yes No
Admin Roles Yes No

You can access Hub Services documentation from the VMware Workspace ONE Documentation page.

Hub Catalog

The Hub catalog is a component of Hub Services used in the Workspace ONE Access service to provide a single destination where users can access their web and virtual apps.

You can arrange the layout of the catalog page to make it easy for users to find apps in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app and in the Hub portal. The App tab displays the New Apps, Recommended, and Categories sections. You can customize the App tab view to show sections such as Promotions and Favorites. You can enable the App Rating feature to let users rate an app with a thumb up or down click.

See Setting Up the Hub Catalog in Hub Services.


The Notifications service in Hub Services is a cloud-hosted service designed to generate and serve real-time notifications to your employees. In Hub Services, you can create custom informational and actionable notifications to send to selected groups in your organization.

You can enable the functionality to send a weekly new app notification to all employees.

Users can receive and view notifications in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app and in the Hub web portal within the For You tab. They can take action or dismiss the notifications so that it moves to the History section.

Users do not need to be in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app to receive notifications if push notifications are enabled.

To use the push notification feature in the Hub Services Notifications service with on premises Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub deployments, you register Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to the cloud notifications service in the Hub Services console, Notifications tab..

Note: Workspace ONE mobile flows is not available for integration into the on-premises version of Workspace ONE Access.

See Using Hub Notifications Service in Workspace ONE Hub Services.


The People service in Hub Services lets users search for their colleagues and view user details and organization charts directly from the People tab in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app or Hub portal.

To use the People service in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, you enable the People Search feature in the Workspace ONE Access console Settings > Catalog page. You then select the user profile attributes that you want to display in the People search results. The attributes are mapped to the corresponding Active Directory attributes. The Workspace ONE Access directory is updated with this information when the directory syncs to Active Directory.

To set up People in Workspace ONE Access, see Set Up People Search in Workspace ONE Access.

Employee Self-Service Support

In the Hub Services Employee Self-Service Support pages, you can customize the type of self-service support that is available in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app.

You can add helpful links to the self-service support tab to empower and educate users about how to perform basic device management tasks, investigate issues, and fix problems.

See Configuring Intelligent Hub Employee Self-Service in Hub Services.

Customize the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Display and Add a Custom Tab

You can customize the branding design to display your company's logo and company colors in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app and Hub portal.

You can add a custom tab to the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app view on devices and web portal. The custom tab can be configured to send users to company resources you want to share with them.

See Customizing the Intelligent Hub Layout from Hub Services.

Note: You customize the sign-in screen from the Workspace ONE Access console Branding pages. See Customize Workspace ONE Access Branding.


You can create Hub templates with different sets of features and settings to provide a curated experience in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. With templates, you can control assignment of Hub Services capabilities to groups of users

Your initial configurations of the Hub Services settings for the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub application are the global level settings. You configure global Hub Services settings to meet most of your users' needs. When users require access to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub features that are different from the global configuration, you create templates. See Using Hub templates to Set Up Different Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Experiences for Users.