The VMware Workspace ONE® Access ™ console provides you with a centralized management console with which you can manage users and groups, set up and manage authentication and access policies, and add resources to the catalog and manage entitlements to those resources. You can also configure Workspace ONE UEM integration. Note that Workspace ONE Access was formerly known as VMware Identity Manager.

The key tasks you perform from the Workspace ONE Access console is manage user authentication and access policies and entitle users to resources. Other tasks support this key task by providing you with more detailed control over which users or groups are entitled to which resources under which conditions.

When Workspace ONE Hub Services is integrated with Workspace ONE Access, end users can access their work resources from their user web portal in a browser or from the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub App on their devices. You can access the Hub Services console from the Workspace ONE Access console to set up how employees use Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to access apps, receive notifications, and search for people.

Note: For documentation about configuring and managing user authentication and access policies, see the Managing Workspace ONE Access User Authentication Methods guide.