In the Workspace ONE Access service, you can write your organization's own Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app terms of use and ensure that the end user accepts the terms of use before using the catalog.

The terms of use display after the user signs into Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app. Users must accept the terms of use before proceeding to their Hub catalog.

The Terms of Use feature include the following configuration options.

  • Create versions of existing terms of use.
  • Edit terms of use.
  • Create multiple terms of use that can be displayed based on the device type.
  • Create language-specific copies of the terms of use.

The terms of use policies that you setup are listed in the Workspace ONE Access console Settings > Terms of Use page. You can edit the terms of use policy to make a correction to the existing policy or create a new version of the policy. Adding a new version of the terms of use replaces the existing terms of use. Editing a policy does not version the terms of use.

You can view the number of users who have accepted or declined the terms of use from the terms of use page. Click either the accepted or declined number to see a list of users and their status.