In order for the Workspace ONE Assist server to operate correctly in a multi-node configuration, you might need to modify DB records in [ApAdmin].[dbo].[Server].[FQDN]. Some installations result in these tables pointing to the external Virtual IP (VIP) address by default. This default arrangement must be changed.

Note: Active-passive configurations with standard, all-in-one installations do not need this FQDN change inside the database table. Applying this change in such an environment might break the configuration. Consult with support if you are unsure which configuration you have.

Ensure that each [FQDN] record in the [ApAdmin].[dbo].[Server] table in the database points to the internal IP address of the VIP (also known as Virtual IP) for the load balanced pool.

The number of [FQDN] records is equal to the number of application/connection proctor servers in your deployment. Therefore, you must update each one in the table. For example, if your deployment has four connection proctor servers, then you must locate and modify 4 [FQDN] records in the [ApAdmin].[dbo].[Server] table.

After you finish the record modification, restart all Workspace ONE Assist Servers.