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The VMware Workspace ONE team is excited to announce that VMware Workspace ONE Content 4.21 for iOS is publicly available. 

VMware Workspace ONE Content for iOS | February 2020

Check for additions and updates to these release notes.

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

New Features


  • ISCL-177761: Uses the system dark mode setting for the app when using iOS 13
    ISCL-177807: PDF viewer improvements


  • ISCL-177522: Custom URL links (awscl://) using search parameter defaults to global
  • ISCL-177534: Sets default repository name of AirWatch Content to Managed Content
  • ISCL-177539: New tab on Home screen
  • ISCL-177541: View previous search history
  • ISCL-177579: PDF viewer improvements
  • ISCL-177596: Microsoft Office viewer improvements
  • Minimum iOS version is now iOS 11+ in line with Application Support Policy
  • This release resolves CVE-2020-3940. For more information on this vulnerability, please see VMSA-2020-0001.


  • There are no new features to report

Minimum Requirements

  • iOS 11 and later
  • Workspace ONE UEM Console 9.6 and later

Download Instructions 

  • Prior Version is Installed: Direct end users to update the app when prompted. The application seamlessly updates over the existing application version without disrupting the device enterprise functionality.
  • Prior Version is Not Installed: Direct end users to download it from the Apple App Store.

Resolved Issues

The resolved issues are grouped as follows.

Resolved Issues for 4.21
  • ISCL-174656: Inconsistent behavior on iPhone after editing and importing another file.
  • ISCL-175574: Unable to create a new folder when user tries to create duplicate folder while saving, moving, or copying to a new path.
  • ISCL-176220: Apply button does not get enabled on disabling and enabling default compression.
  • ISCL-176224: [i18n_level3] Add RTL support‚ Audio Capture.
  • ISCL-176354: [i18n-level3] Inconsistent font style on Feed.
  • ISCL-176611: [I18N-Level3] [RU] Words DRAFT and SHARED are truncated on the navigation bar.
  • ISCL-176723: Email option stops working on saving the annotation after emailing.
  • ISCL-177028: Unable to favorite or sync folders added as Featured Content.
  • ISCL-177208: Incorrect hyperlink gets generated in the email body on emailing link from a specific file.
  • ISCL-177248: Folder or  file count shows up at the root level even when the folders haven't synced.
  • ISCL-177363: Download progress is not shown on content app while downloading content after enabling the dark mode from viewer.
  • ISCL-177364: Unable to download content from ODFB ADFS and SP O365 ADFS (> iOS 12).
  • ISCL-177467: App crashes on opening Excel files with functions.
  • ISCL-177603: Contents from Personal Content and Local Storage remains in Recent page even after admin disables the repository in console.
  • ISCL-177618: Keyboard layout is not being honored when logging in (auth set to username and password).
  • ISCL-177625: iOS 13_iPhone_App header disappear on opening and closing the content.
  • ISCL-177634: iOS 13_App header doesn't show up on enabling night mode.
  • ISCL-177658: My Content Repository section is shown above Corporate repository section on accessing content app through extension.
  • ISCL-177673: [i18n][AR/HE] Search History should be right aligned on Search page.
  • ISCL-177704: Shift key fails to work for authentication page when connected through the external keyboard.
  • ISCL-177712: iOS 13_Not able to open-in from app into third-party app in one scenario.
  • ISCL-177719: Interactive PDF files gets corrupted on saving when Flatten Annotations is enabled.
  • ISCL-177743: App crashes after logging in to Google Drive which has files with .pfile extensions.
  • ISCL-177751: Repositories gets arranged in Z to A order after force close.
  • ISCL-177754: [i18n][AR] Improper percentage displays when downloading file.
  • ISCL-177769: Empty content screens have unreadable text on dark mode.
  • ISCL-177778: App crashes on saving a Word or PPT document containing Japanese strings.
  • ISCL-177786: Video files doesn't play intermittently.
  • ISCL-177799: iPhone X_Back button in PDF Viewer not working in landscape mode.
  • ISCL-177811: App crashes on changing device Dark Mode to Light Mode or vice versa.
  • ISCL-177812: Search history is not visible in Night Mode.
  • ISCL-177813: iOS13_AWSCL links are not working after kill and launch.
  • ISCL-177816: PDF_Digital Signature is not rendering.
  • ISCL-177820: iOS 13_Header text disappear on enabling Night Mode in PDF Viewer.
  • ISCL-177825: iOS 13_iPad_File name text field not shown when user imports file and tries save in landscape mode.
  • ISCL-177829: iOS 13_File name text in info page is not visible when system appearance set to Dark mode.
  • ISCL-177835: iOS13 Dark Mode not supported for privacy module.
    Resolved Issues for 4.20
    • ISCL-177686: Failure to play video in landscape mode when set to full screen mode on iPhone.
    • ISCL-176795: No option to go back if the user tries to add a duplicate manual repository.
    • ISCL-177310: App failed to download large content at 99%.
    • ISCL-177324: Password protected PDFs do not show the edit icon after entering the password.
    • ISCL-176801: iPad gets stuck at viewer when on-boarding is enabled and no Required Content is available.
    • ISCL-177488: Unable to update content from the Notification page (Intermittent).
    • ISCL-177073: Keyboard opens briefly and closes abruptly.
    • ISCL-177597: Enable Page Width View setting not preserved.
    • ISCL-177428: PDF crashes with large table of contents.
    • ISCL-176824: Not displaying certain PDF files correctly.
    • ISCL-177709: Crash while opening a specific .xlsx file.
    • ISCL-177528: Particular PDF file fails to open.
    • ISCL-177705: Some highlight annotations disappear after dismissing the toolbar.
    • ISCL-177623: Photo library albums disappear on scrolling up and down on iPad.
    • ISCL-177347: Page navigation back button does not show up after using the links for navigation in PDF.
    • ISCL-177723: PDF hyperlinks open only into Safari irrespective of the setting on the console.
    • ISCL-177721: Unable to highlight text even when the PolicyEFBAllowPDFAnnotations is enabled.
    • ISCL-177622: Unable to queue content for upload from the Photo library when the device is in the offline mode.
    • ISCL-177626: iPhone unable to play video if the user opens any view controller top of it once video playing completes.
    • ISCL-177680: Empty Screen message is not displayed on iOS 13.1.
    • ISCL-177663: App crashes intermittently while removing characters from the search bar.
    • ISCL-177183: Device status bar is not shown color when night mode is enabled.
    • ISCL-176755: PDF Annotation is cleared when the user does Open into third-party application with Autosave enabled.
    • ISCL-176722: Annotations don't get saved when the user tries to save annotation post email.
    • ISCL-176727: Autosave - Edits are lost when the user opens up another view.
    • ISCL-177632: Print view controller gets dismissed on lock and unlock device on iPad.
    • ISCL-177397: Unable to see the timestamp for Notification details page on iPhone X.
    • ISCL-177457: Device user should not be able to edit and rename Automatic repositories from the app.
    • ISCL-176748: Incorrect error message is shown when the user tries to save the imported files by closing it after adding the annotations. 
      Resolved Issues for 4.19.3
      • ISCL-177701: Not able to open into third-party apps when the application is whitelisted in DLP