Associate devices with the MDM server in the Apple Business Manager portal so that they can be synced and managed with Workspace ONE UEM. You can assign additional devices at a later time using these same steps, if required.

  1. Log into the Apple Business Manager portal and select Apple's Device Enrollment Program.

  2. Select Device Enrollment Program > Manage Devices in the left panel to assign DEP-enabled devices to the MDM Server you already created.

  3.  Select the method for associating devices and Choose Devices By:

    • Assign Devices by Serial Number – You can enter a list of device serial numbers.

    • Assign Devices by Order Number – You can enter your Apple Purchase Order number and have devices added automatically.

    • Upload a .csv File – Upload a .csv file listing the serial numbers.

  4. Choose Assign to Server as the Action and select the MDM server group.

  5. Select OK.