The Mobile Content Management™ (MCM) solution helps your organization address the challenge of securely deploying content to a wide variety of devices using a few key actions. Use the Workspace ONE UEM console to create, sync, or enable a file store known as a repository. Once configured this content deploys to end-user devices with the VMware Workspace ONE Content.

To understand how the content management works, review the following outline.

  1.  AirWatch Managed Content Repository – Refers to a repository where Workspace ONE UEM administrators with the appropriate permissions have complete control over the files that get stored within it.

  2. Corporate File Server – Refers to an existing repository that resides within an organization's internal network. Depending on an organization's structure, the Workspace ONE UEM administrator might or might not have administrator permissions for the corporate file server.

  3. VMware Workspace ONE Content – Refers to the app that deploys to end-user devices, enabling access to content within the configured set of parameters.

  4. Personal Content – Refers to a location where end users have complete control over the files that get stored within it.


    VMware Workspace ONE has announced January 3rd, 2020 as the End of Life (EOL) date for Personal Content and its related features. For more information about the end of life announcement, see End of General Support for VMware Workspace ONE Personal Content.