Once issued, Workspace ONE UEM enables you to manage deployed digital certificates using the Certificate List View in the Workspace ONE UEM console. Administrators can view and sort certificates by device, authority, user, profile, issued date, and so on. Navigate to Devices > Certificates > List View.

Revoke or Renew a Digital Certificate

The Certificate List View provides a summary of deployed certificates and the ability to renew or revoke certificates individually or in bulk. Locate and revoke all digital certificates from a deactivated user/device or even renew/rotate all Wi-Fi authentication certs before a compliance driven expiration date.

Initiate the process by navigating to Devices > Certificates > List View.

  1. Identify and select the digital certificates you want to renew or revoke by inserting one or more check marks in the empty check boxes.
  2. Select the action button that you want to invoke: Renew or Revoke, to apply the action to the selected certificates.