Keep your Windows Desktop devices secure with Baselines. Workspace ONE UEM curates industry-recommended settings into one configuration to simplify securing your devices.

Note: Workspace ONE UEM offers the Baselines feature as a technical preview. Technical preview features are not fully tested and some functionality does not work as expected. However, these previews help Workspace ONE UEM improve current functionality and develop future enhancements. To use a technical preview feature, contact your VMware Workspace ONE representative and ask to have the “BaselineFeatureFlag” enabled.
Keeping your devices configured to best practices is a time-consuming process. With Baselines, you can keep all your devices secure with industry-recommended settings and configurations. Workspace ONE UEM curates these best practices into configurations called Baselines. These configurations significantly reduce the time it takes to set up and configure Windows devices.

To ensure that Baselines use only the best settings and configurations, VMware is certified by CIS to provide industry favorites such as CIS benchmarks for Windows 10 to provide the easy and secure solutions. Baselines are based on the Windows OS version and can be updated whenever you want. During configuration, you can choose which baseline to use or upload a custom baseline to suit your needs.

Once a device is enrolled into Workspace ONE UEM, you can add the device to a Smart Group and assign a baseline to the group. The device will receive and apply all the settings and configurations in the baseline after a device restart. The device checks for the baseline configurations upon publishing baseline and at the defined check in intervals.

If you want to update a baseline at a later date, simply edit the baseline and select a new baseline from the list provided. You can see which baselines are applied to a device in the Device Details Page.