Admins often prefer to configure device management before shipping a device to an end user. By using device staging enrollment, you can enroll a device with the AirWatch Windows Agent, install device-level profiles, and ship it to an end user.

Device staging enrollment enables you to enroll your Windows 10 device into Workspace ONE UEM. This enrollment requires the AirWatch Windows Agent to start. After the device enrolls, any assigned device-level profiles download to the device. Once the device is fully enrolled and configured, you can ship the device to your end users. When the end user signs in to the device, the AirWatch Windows Agent updates the device record in the Workspace ONE UEM Console. Workspace ONE UEM reassigns the device to the end user and pushes any user-level profiles to the device.

The two staging methods are:

  • Manual Installation – Download and install the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub and enter enrollment credentials. This method requires devices to be domain-joined before enrollment.
  • Command Line Installation – Download the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub and then install and enroll the device using the command line.

The enrollment completes by either updating the UEM Console device registry when a user enrolls into a domain-joined device or by comparing the enrolled user name against a list of previously registers serial numbers.