The Workspace ONE UEM Secure Email Gateway V2 (SEG V2) helps to protect your mail infrastructure and enables VMware AirWatch Mobile Email Management (MEM) functionalities. Install the SEG along with your existing email server to relay all email traffic to Workspace ONE UEM-enrolled devices.


This guide contains information about the SEG V2. The SEG Classic software is being discontinued and end of life has been announced. The Classic Secure Email Gateway (SEG) installer will reach End of General Support on May 5, 2019. On December 24, 2018, the Classic SEG installer will be removed from the Resources portal. After May 5, 2019, VMware cannot guarantee full support for Classic SEG. For more information about the End-of-Life terms, go to


To read about the Classic SEG information, see the VMware AirWatch Secure Email Gateway 1811 guide at

Based on the settings you define in the Workspace ONE UEM console, the SEG allows or blocks decisions for all the individual devices that connect to it. The devices can also be non-mobile devices that connect to SEG.

The SEG filters all communication requests, relays traffic from approved devices only through a proxy server, and protects the corporate email server.

With the SEG, email attachments and hyperlinks can be opened only through VMware AirWatch Content Locker and VMware Browser respectively, thus protecting your sensitive information.

Though the SEG protects the email server and sensitive content, neither the SEG nor any of the Workspace ONE UEM components stores emails and the attachments.