Running the installer extra times is only required if you have more Application servers, because you must run the installer on each additional server.

  1. Log on to one of your Device Services servers and start the Workspace ONE UEM Installer.
  2. Progress through the screens until you reach the Export/Import Setup Configuration form. This time, select Export configuration and use it on multiple servers if you have multiple load-balanced Application servers. If you only have one Application server, then choose Continue Setup without exporting/importing config file .
  3. Next, select the Workspace ONE UEM features that you want to install on the specific server.

    If you are installing multiple AWCMs (which are typically on the Device Services servers), then you should refer to the following Knowledge Base article:

  4. Enter the file path to the Workspace ONE UEM Directory once again, and choose Next.
  5. Enter the information about the Workspace ONE UEM Database. Do not select the check box as there is no need to generate a database script.
  6. Enter the Console and Device Services Server URLs.
  7. Specify the Workspace ONE UEM website.
  8. Select Install, and then select Finish.
  9. If you have additional Device Services servers to install, run the installer on each server but import the existing configuration file that you exported on your first Device Services server. Progress through the Installer without entering any configuration details.