As a Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch administrator, you can run commands remotely to individual (or bulk) devices in your fleet and different platforms offer different actions. Each of these platform-specific device actions and definitions represents remote commands an admin can invoke from the UEM console.

For more information, see Device Action Descriptions.

Action Android Apple iOS Apple macOS Apple TV Chrome OS QNX Windows Rugged Win 7 Windows Phone Windows Desktop
Add Tag
Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub (Query) ✓ (*)
App Remote View
Apps (Query) ✓ (*)
Books (Query)
Cancel Log Request
Certificates (Query) ✓ (*)
Change Device Passcode
Change Organization Group
Change Ownership
Clear Activation Lock
Clear Passcode (Device)
Clear Passcode (Container)
Clear Passcode (Restrictions Setting)
Delete Device
Device Information (Query) ✓ (*)
Device Wipe
Edit Device
Enable/Disable Lost Mode
Enterprise Reset
Enterprise Wipe
File Manager
Find Device
iOS Update
Lock Device
Lock SSO
Managed Settings
Mark Do Not Disturb
Override Job Log Level
Profiles (Query) ✓ (*)
Provision Now
Query All
Reboot Device
Registry Manager
Remote Control
Remote Management
Remote View
Rename Device
Request Debug Log
Request Device Check-In
Request Device Location
Restart Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub
Security (Query) ✓ (*)
Send Message
Start AirPlay
Start AWCM
Sync Device
Task Manager
View Manifest
Warm Boot

(*) This Windows 7 action is satisfied by running a Query All command, which returns all the same information as if each Query command were run separately.