Workspace ONE UEM displays reasons that describe the installation progression of internal applications. The reason codes identify if there is an issue with an installation, so that you can track and troubleshoot application deployments.

Workspace ONE UEM displays the reasons in Apps & Books > Applications > Native > Internal > Details View [for the specific application] > Devices tab.

Reason Description
All Shows all devices.

Acts as the default filter on the Devices tab.

Awaiting Install on Device Workspace ONE UEM sent the installation command and it has not yet prompted device users to accept the installation.
Failed Workspace ONE UEM attempted to install the application but encountered an error.
Install Command Dispatched The device communicated that it received the install command.
Install Command Ready for Device Workspace ONE UEM queued the command and communicated to devices to select in but devices have not checked in yet.
Installing Workspace ONE UEM is installing the application.
Note: Due to the way application status is reported on iOS devices, an application achieves 'Installed' status only after the installation process is fully completed. Which means when the Workspace ONE UEM console queries the device for its application list sample, and if the application is still downloading, then the application returns a status of Installing. On a successful application installation, the device returns the application status as 'Installed' which is marked the same in the Workspace ONE UEM console.
Managed Workspace ONE UEM installed the application and now manages it.
Management Rejected The users of iOS 9+ devices rejected prompts to install applications or to enter their credentials, so Workspace ONE UEM cannot install the application.
MDM Removed Workspace ONE UEM removed the application due to a mobile device management action performed with the console.
Pending Removal Workspace ONE UEM sent an application removal command to devices but the application has not been removed yet.
Prompting Workspace ONE UEM is prompting device users to install the application.
Prompting for Login The app store is prompting device users for their app store credentials so that they can install the application.
Prompting for Management Workspace ONE UEM is prompting iOS 9+ device users to accept the Make App MDM Managed if User Installed configuration. To accept the prompt permits Workspace ONE UEM to manage an application that users previously installed on their devices.
Rejected The device user rejected the prompt to install a book.
Unknown The device and Workspace ONE UEM are not communicating about the installation of the application.
Updating Workspace ONE UEM pushed an application update command but the device has not communicated that the application update is complete.
User Installed Workspace ONE UEM pushed a book to devices but device users had already installed it.
User Installed App Workspace ONE UEM pushed an application to devices but device users already installed it.
User Rejected Device user rejected the prompt to install the application.
User Removed Workspace ONE UEM still manages the application but users removed it from their devices.