Use Reporting by Workspace ONE Intelligence to collate data in your Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch deployment. Workspace ONE Intelligence reporting uses a cloud-based report storage system to gather data and create the reports.

The Workspace ONE Intelligence feature provides faster, easier access to critical business intelligence data than the stock reports included in Workspace ONE UEM. Build reports using starter templates or customize canned reports, selecting from several categories, like apps, devices, and OS updates. These reports provide the latest data extracted from your Workspace ONE UEM environment.

Reports Service

Reports use a separate service to push data to a reports cloud service. This service captures data useful to administrators when trying to answer critical questions. The feature gathers an initial snapshot of your deployment and continues to capture ongoing changes.

Limits to the Number of Reports

You can create and run up to 50 reports for each organization group (OG). If you have 50 reports in an OG but you need another unique report, you must delete a report to make space.