Use Application Version to restrict devices from accessing SDK-built applications unless the version is approved.

Application Version always uses the Block action when the SDK identifies the configured parameters. The Block action prevents user access to SDK-built applications.


  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > Settings and Policies > SDK App Compliance > Application Version.
  2. Select Enabled to restrict a device from accessing an application unless the application is an approved version.
  3. Complete the version options for Android and iOS platforms.
    1. Select an SDK-built application from a list that displays when you enter text in the text box.
    2. Select an operator to configure the restricted application versions.
    3. Enter a version to complete the parameter.
    Enter and select Workspace ONE Boxer, select Less Than, and enter 4.9. This group of parameters sets the SDK to block access to any version of Workspace ONE Boxer that is earlier than v4.9.

    This field evaluates version identifiers as numeric values separated by a period. For example, 2.3.5 or If your version contains non-numeric values, like 2.a.5, the SDK uses only the leading numeric values and it evaluate this as 2. For a version number of 2.3.4.a, the SDK evaluates this as 2.3.4

  4. Add multiple SDK-built applications with Add Application.
    You cannot add more than one version of an SDK-built application.
  5. Save your settings.