Use Logging so the system records data for applications the use the VMware Workspace ONE SDK framework.

The Workspace ONE UEM system collects logs until the log file size reaches 200 MB for SaaS environments. If the log size exceeds 200 MB, the system stops collecting logs. The Workspace ONE UEM console notifies you when your application log size reaches 75% of 200 MB. To act on the application log size, contact your Workspace ONE UEM Representative.
  • Ask for an increase in your application log size.
  • Ask for a purge of your application log. The system can purge logs older than two weeks.


  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > Settings and Policies > Settings.
  2. Select Enabled for Logging.
  3. Choose your Logging Level from a spectrum of recording frequency options.
  4. Select Send logs over Wi-Fi only to prevent the transfer of data while roaming and to limit data charges.
  5. Save your settings.