You can unassign device tags from multiple devices at the same time.

You can configure the maximum number of devices you are allowed to assign or unassign tags by navigating to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Advanced > Bulk Management and scroll down to the Assign/Unassign Tag option.

To unassign tags from multiple devices, take the following steps.


You must have the correct permissions to unassign tags from multiple devices. You can check on these permissions by viewing all the assigned resources (or permissions) of an admin role, modify the role with the 'Bulk Management unassign tags' permission and if not already assigned, then assign the modified role to your admin account. For details, see the topic View the Resources of an Admin Role.


  1. Navigate to Devices > List View and search for the tag you want to unassign. Alternately, you can filter devices based on one or more tags.
  2. Select the check box to the left of each device in the Devices List View that has the tag you want to unassign.
  3. Select the More Actions button above the listing.
  4. Select Manage Tags.
    The Manage Tags page displays with multiple pieces of information. It confirms the number of devices selected from list view, it displays the currently assigned tags, and all the tags available to assign. You can also use the search text boxes in the upper-right corner of the Manage Tags page to enter search parameters for tag labels.
  5. Select the small 'x' next to each assigned tag you want to remove.
    You can unassign more than one tag. You can also assign some tags while unassigning others in the same step.
  6. Select Save.


The tag has been unassigned from all the devices you have selected. If that tag is assigned to any other device, the tag cannot be deleted.