When you have to make a quick one-off adjustment of a device's tags, you can assign one or more tags to a single device easily.

You can assign tags to a device to identify it without using notes, profiles, policies, or giving the device a special friendly name.

Are you looking for granting permissions as part of an admin role that includes (or excludes) the ability to assign a tag to a device? See the topic View the Resources of an Admin Role.


  1. Navigate to Devices > List View and select the device you want to tag.
    • Display the Details View by selecting the device friendly name from the listing.
    • Select the check box above the pencil icon, next to the device.
  2. Select the More Actions button and then select Assign Tag.
    The Tag Assignment screen displays with a listing of tags available to apply to your selected device.
  3. Select each of the tags you want to assign to the device.
    You can select more than one tag. If you selected Assign Tag from the device Details View, you also have a Manage Tags link which, when selected, opens the Tags System Settings page, enabling you to create a new tag. For more information, see Create a New Tag from System Settings.
  4. Select Save.