Before you can begin managing devices from the Email Dashboard, the configured MEM should discover the devices enrolled to the organization group. Depending on whether a device has an EAS profile or not, either a command or a broadcast message is sent to discover the devices.

With EAS profile

Workspace ONE UEM sends an allow command to the relevant EAS profile associated Secure Email Gateway server. The server then automatically starts connecting to the device.

Without EAS profile

Workspace ONE UEM sends a broadcast message stating that a device has enrolled. Workspace ONE UEM sends this message to all the SEG Proxy servers configured at the same organization group to which the device has enrolled. As soon as the device connects to a particular SEG server, the SEG recognizes the device as managed from the broadcast message sent earlier. The SEG Proxy then reports the device as discovered with its memConfigID to Workspace ONE UEM . MEM then associates the enrolled device to that memConfigID and displays it on the Email Dashboard.