Blueprints can contain Device Feature, Application, and Data Loss Prevention policies, which, together with platform eligibility, determine which permissions are available for the device in question.

Device Feature Policies

  • Allow use of camera.
  • Allow use of Bluetooth.
  • Allow use of AirDrop/Near Field Communication (NFC).
  • Allow use of Siri or Cortana.
  • Allow Device Wipe.
  • Allow use of Google/iCloud Backup.

Application Policies

  • Allow access to the App store.
  • Allow use of YouTube – Grant access to YouTube. For Apple devices, applicable only to iOS 5.0 and earlier.
  • Allow use of Game Center – Grant your users to access Apple's social gaming network.
  • Allow untrusted applications – Enable your users to install apps that are not obtained from an official repository of apps (App Store, Microsoft Store, Google Play).
  • Allow Native Browser.

Data Loss Prevention Policies

  • Allow screen capture.
  • Allow copy/paste between applications.
  • Allow SD Card.
  • Allow unmanaged use of managed document – Managed documents refers to corporate assets. Enable this setting to allow your users to open and edit corporate content with unmanaged apps. For example, opening a Word Document using Google Docs instead of MS Word).
  • Do Not require device encryption – Remove the requirement for device encryption, a secure data storage methodology.