Configure automatic updates or manually push updates to device-based VPP applications at the application level. This feature offers management of updates by Workspace ONE UEM or allows you to push updates as a way to control application versions.

This feature does not work for managed distribution by Apple ID. The VPP application must be enabled for device-based distribution, also called distribution by device serial number. For general information about the managed distribution method by device serial number, see Managed Distribution by Device Serial Number. This topic includes supported operating systems, benefits, and the need for no VPP invitations.

Note: Custom applications and non device-based VPP applications are tagged as Not Applicable. These types of VPP applications are not supported for this feature.

System Behavior on Initial Setup

The system automatically queues application installation commands at the time you first configure Enable Auto Updates. The Workspace ONE UEM stores the currently available custom application version number from the App Store in the database. As this is the initial version being recorded, when a new version of the custom application is available the custom application automatically triggers the application upgrades.

When a newer version of the application is available, the Workspace ONE UEM system that canvases the App Store for updates records that new version in the database. At this point, Workspace ONE UEM can automatically trigger install commands for devices to perform application updates.