Threshold values apply to bundle IDs and apply at a Customer type organization group, and in turn are inherited by child organization groups. When setting threshold values and acting on them, consider these characteristics so that admins take informed actions on applications and have the permissions they need to act on commands.

Configurations and Actions Apply to Bundle IDs

The system applies threshold values per bundle ID. It is possible for a single application to have varying names and still have the same bundle ID.

If this problem arises, the protection system selects one name to display in the log. However, the system applies admin commands to the bundle ID.

The System Follows Organization Group Hierarchies

The system sets default threshold values at a Customer type organization group. Child organization groups inherit these values.

Note: Admins cannot override threshold values in child organization groups.

Admins' placement in the organization group hierarchy controls their available roles and actions. Admins in child organization groups can act on removal commands in their assigned organization groups. Admins in parent organization groups can edit values and act on removal commands in the parent group and in child organization groups.