Workspace ONE UEM groups logging messages into categories to distinguish critical issues from normal activities.The Workspace ONE UEM console reports the messages that match the configured logging level plus any logs with a higher critical status. For example, if you set the logging level to Warning, messages with a Warning and Error level display in the Workspace ONE UEM console. The SDK-built application collects logs over time and stores them locally on the device until another API or command is invoked to transmit the logs.

Note: When an enterprise wipe occurs, the console does not purge the log files. You can retrieve logs after a device re-enrolls to determine what issues occurred in the last enrollment session to cause the enterprise wipe.
Table 1. SDK Logging Level APIs and Level Descriptions
Level Logging API Description
Error AWLogError("{log message}") Records only errors. An error displays failures in processes such as a failure to look up UIDs or an unsupported URL.
Warning AWLogWarning("{log message}") Records errors and warnings. A warning displays a possible issue with processes such as bad response codes and invalid token authentications.
Information AWLogInfo("{log message}") Records a significant amount of data for informational purposes. An information logging level displays general processes, warning, and error messages.
Debug or Verbose AWLogVerbose("{log message}") Records all data to help with troubleshooting. This option is not available for all functions.