Each of the major device platforms supports various basic and advanced SSP actions in Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch.

Action Android iOS macOS Win Phone Win Mobile Win 7 Win Desktop
Basic Actions
Change Passcode.            
Clear (SSO) Passcode.      
Delete Device.
Delete Registration.    
Device Query    
Device Wipe    
Download Hub.          
Enterprise Wipe
Locate Device.    
Lock Device/Screen.    
Lock SSO.          
Make Noise.            
Resend Enrollment Message.    
Send Message.
Set Roaming.            
Sync Device.          
View Enrollment Message.*    
Advanced Actions
Generate App Token.
Manage Email.        
Review Terms of Use.
Revoke Token.
Upload S/MIME Certificate.

* As a security feature, this action is not available for accounts that enrolled with a token.