While compliance policies can be configured to help enforce terms of use acceptance, you can also see who has and who has not accepted the agreement. Then, if necessary, you can contact those individuals directly.


  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Terms of Use.
  2. Use the Type drop-down menu to filter based on the agreement type, for example, Enrollment. The Users / Devices column displays devices that have accepted/not accepted/been assigned the terms of use.
  3. Select the appropriate number in the Devices column for the terms of use row to see device information pertaining to that agreement. Optionally, access the drop-down menu for the row and select one of the following.
    View Devices or Users Display all devices and their acceptance statuses. You can filter by organization group.
    View Previous Versions View previous iterations of the agreement.
    View Terms of Use View the terms of use agreement.