Use the Add Group button to search for existing directory-based user groups to assign Workspace ONE Express blueprints to users and their devices.


  1. Complete the group settings.
    Setting Description
    Directory Name Read-only option displaying the address of your directory services server.
    Domain The domain automatically populates based on the directory services server information you enter on the Directory Services page (System > Enterprise Integration > Directory Services).
    Group Base DN The group base distinguished name is used as a starting point for the user group search. Information in this setting populates automatically based on the Domain setting.
    Group Name

    Identify the name of a user group in your active directory and select Search to search for it. If a directory group contains your search text, a list of group names displays.

    Select a Group Name from your Search Results list.

  2. Select Add Group to add the user group to the list of users and user groups to be added to the blueprint.
  3. Once your list of users and user groups is complete, select Continue to save your settings and apply your users to the blueprint.
  4. Select Publish to finalize and push the blueprint out to user devices. You can return to the Blueprints listing to edit your blueprint configurations at any time.