If you are having connectivity issues with your Workspace ONE Assist performance or service, consider troubleshooting your issue before calling support. These troubleshooting steps address the most common connectivity issues with the Workspace ONE Assist service.

Browser Window Does Not Open Remote Management Portal


The Workspace ONE Assist portal is not opening on Workspace ONE UEM users’ browser window.

Possible Cause 1

Incompatible web browser. The browser being used by VMware Support staff is not compatible with Workspace ONE Assist.

Solution 1

Use a different web browser. Install or switch to a compatible browser. The following is a list of browsers currently supported by the Workspace ONE Assist Tool.

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

Possible Cause 2

Browser pop ups are blocked. The browser being used is blocking pop-up windows from the Workspace ONE Assist portal.

Solution 2

Enable pop-ups in browser settings. UEM console users must update their browser settings to allow pop-ups from the Workspace ONE Assist portal.

Remote Support Validation Fails


During Workspace ONE Assist validation steps, one or all the three validation steps and ‘Launch Session’ button does not appear.

Possible Cause(s): Certificate mismatch, Workspace ONE Assist server issues. Client-server certificates might be incorrectly deployed or there might be issues with availability of Workspace ONE Assist server and console.

Solution: Review certificates and ensure that Workspace ONE Assist servers are operational. Ensure that T10 interface certificate has been properly deployed on the Workspace ONE Assist servers, ensure that Workspace ONE Assist servers are online and operational.