A Credentials profile allows you to push Root, Intermediate, and Client certificates to your Windows 10 devices to support any Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and certificate authentication use case. The profile pushes configured credentials to the proper credentials store on the Windows Desktop device. Learn how to configure a credentials profile to enable authentication for your Windows 10 devices.

Even with strong passcodes and other restrictions, your infrastructure remains vulnerable to brute force, dictionary attacks, and employee error. For greater security, you can implement digital certificates to protect corporate assets. To use certificates in this way, you must first configure a Credentials payload with a certificate authority, and then configure your Wi-Fi and VPN payloads. Each of these payloads has settings for associating the certificate authority defined in the Credentials payload.

The Credentials profile also allows you to push S/MIME certificates to devices. These certificates are uploaded under each user account and controlled by the Credentials profile.