Custom attributes enable you to extract specific values from a managed device and return it to the Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch. You can also assign the attribute value for device lookup values.

Note: Custom attributes (and the rules generator) are only configurable and useable at Customer-level organization groups.

Custom Attributes Database

Custom attributes are stored either as XML files on the device or in the custom attribute database on the Workspace ONE UEM console server. When using the database, custom attributes are sent as samples to Workspace ONE UEM periodically for asset tracking of key/value pairs. If a record in the device database is configured with 'Create Attribute' = TRUE, then the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub automatically retrieves the Name and Value sent with the custom attributes sample. The key/value pair displays in the Device Details page for the device in the Custom Attributes tab.

Note: Custom Attribute values cannot return the following special characters: / \ " * : ; < > ? |. If a script returns a value which contains these characters, the value is not reported on the console. Trim these characters from the script's output.