Monitoring your Workspace ONE UEM solution is an important part of ensuring it operates effectively. Many tools and software packages exist to help you. Learn more about hardware reocmmendations when monitoring your Workspace ONE UEM solution. Example monitoring services include Nagios, Splunk, Symantec Altiris, Spotlight, Ignite, and Montastic.

Consult your local IT policy for specific recommendations on monitoring tools if you do not already have a solution in place. The following section details some generic hardware load capacity recommendations and information about log files and URL endpoints. This section does not explicitly cover how to configure a monitoring solution. If you need further assistance, contact VMware Support.

Hardware Load Capacity Recommendations





CPU load-hour

Alerting at high-load (for example, 90% load is a warning and 95% load is critical)


Free memory

Alerting at low free memory (for example, 10% free is a warning and 5% free is critical)

Hard Disk

Free hard disk space

Alerting at low hard disk space (for example, 10% free is a warning and 5% free is critical)