You can configure the the Content Gateway for Windows to transfer data from the on-premises network to Workspace ONE UEM.


Note: Adding application package link to an internal repository to access via Content Gateway is no longer supported. For more information, see End of General Support for VMware Content Gateway on Windows and Linux. We recommend that you host and distribute apps either from cloud storage or Workspace ONE UEM.


  1. Configure and use the Content Gateway for Windows to secure communications between your network and Workspace ONE UEM.
    Find information about the Content Gateway on the VMWare Docs site
  2. Enter the credentials for the external app repository so Workspace ONE UEM can direct users to the application packages hosted on your network in the app repository.
    Workspace ONE UEM supports one set of credentials to authenticate to repositories. If you have multiple repositories set up, use a common set of credentials to authenticate.

    See Enable the External App Repository.

  3. Enter the location of internal applications on the external app repository using a Link.